Hugo Fernandes

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An original smooth blend of adult contemporary and soulful pop with memorable melodies and captivating lyrics.

Includes the award-winning songs "Hole in My Heart" (Billboard) and "Stolen"

(International Unisong contest); and the touching tribute, "Mother Nature".

Featuring among others, Carla Hassett, backing vocals (Gino Vannelli, Caetano Veloso, Jon Anderson (Yes) Sergio Mendes) Rashid Lanie, Keyboards (John Legend, Alicia Keys, Paul Simon) and Jojo Alves.

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1. Universal Carnival,
2. Hole in My Heart,
3. Close to Me,
4. Mother Nature,
5. Do You Remember,
6. All You Need,
7. Somewhere,
8. Magic Box,
9. Stolen,
10. Gimme Gimme,
11. My Love You Song,
12. Haunting Girl,

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CD Baby Reviews

Universal Carnival CD
This is one of the most outstanding cd's I've heard. I love this cd! It's no joke, I'm very ecclectic in music and I can listen to it all day, everyday and not get burnt out from it. It touches me that way! Azania is another cd I just love. Hugo's sound is so captivating. That's why I can't wait to see what Other music Hugo has to offer! I'm really excited!!

* * * * * * *

Hugo Marvels again!
This amazing CD lets you peer into the artist’s soul – in his happiest moments as well as his introspective ones. And it’s pure joy. The title song is playful and enticing – its energy is infectious, daring you to sing along (which you’re likely to do!). Other songs in this style are “Do You Remember,” with its immediate beat and marvelous instrumentation, and the stellar “Magic Box” which stays with you all day. Hugo surprises us with “Gimme Gimme,” a pure jazz fiesta with a wailing sax and strong keyboard presence – grab someone near you and dance – this song is a party that you won’t want to leave! Hugo reveals one of his other sides with the plaintive “Hole in my Heart,” whereby anyone who’s experienced a loss of love will surely relate – you want to root for him throughout the song. “Mother Nature” is reminiscent of “story” songs (think Donovan, Leonard Cohen, Phil Ochs, and Harry Chapin), exhibiting a true depth of feeling. Another, “All You Need,” has Hugo’s voice resembling that of James Taylor, taking us through a roller coaster of emotions, with hope, of course, winning the day.
And there’s more, but I’ll let listeners discover these gems on their own.

* * * * * * * 

It’s thrilling to see Hugo emerge as an artist to be reckoned with. As with another great Hugo CD, “Azania,” you’ll play this over and over and discover new adventures every time – wonderful music – thanks again, Hugo!