Hugo Fernandes

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An original world rhythm compilation of Brazilian bossa-nova, samba, South African mbaqanga, Latin jazz, Caribbean reggae, and Portuguese folk music sung in English and Portuguese. An ethnic potpourri--spicy, rhythmic and dance inducing!

Featuring Rashid Lanie, Keyboards (John Legend, Alicia Keys, Paul Simon) Fred Selden, Woodwind instruments (Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr) Phil Maturano, Drums ( Maynard Ferguson, Strunz and Farah, Barry Manilow) Osama Afifi, (Yanni, Billy Preston, Kurt Elling) Michael O’Day, percussion and engineered by Bob Nagy.

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    Amor 3:54
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    Vamos 5:10
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    Saida 0:46

1. Entrada,
2. Samba Nights,
3. Azania,
4. Saudades,
5. Amor,
6. Remember,
7. Someday,
8. Passado,
9. Sing it,
10. Vamos,
11. Saida,

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CD BABY Reviews

Cuts to your soul. Captivating!
After playing "Azania" a few times, with tears in my eyes, I called Hugo and requested he play for my upcoming party. I was thrilled that he agreed -- so were my guests! This CD reveals so many different sides of Hugo's genius, you will love it. Whether singing in English or Portugese, his latin rhythms get to you immediately, making you instantly smile. You'll love it as I still do. By the way, I requested Hugo to play many of the "Azania" songs live at the party, and these generated huge applause even while friends were eating dinner. Of course, dancing immediately resulted as well. Hugo is a national treasure -- buy this and enjoy it, and if you can book him, even better -- he's a musical genius and super nice person, which is obvious from this CD. He's made a fan out of me and my friends. Thanks Hugo!

* * * * * * * * *            

Takes you to paradise. Enjoyed every track.
It's rare when you have a CD that you actually enjoy every track. This is one of those rare ones. You can't sit still makes you want to sing and dance.


AMAZON Reviews

This cd is a gem! His vocal ability and song writing are truely enchanting. I have seen Hugo several places, his versatility as a musician and his brazilian influences make this a cd that is one of my favorites in my collection. Samba Nights and Amore are great songs.

* * * * * * * * * *
Hugo lives in the Los Angeles area. As I remember, his background is Portuguese. I met him, of all places, at a "home show" at the L.A. Convention Center. He was performing in the entrance lobby of the building. This was, I believe, in 2000 or so. Our family, on my wife's side, is from Brasil. Over the years I've developed a large collection of Bossa Nova, Samba and anything musically Brasilian. The fact that I still listen to Hugo's album is a testament to his talent. Samba Nights is one of my favorite cuts, which provides a great anchor to all of the songs on his album. I only hope that his career has been, for him, rewarding. His talent, as shown in this album, is certainly deserving of attention by anyone that loves the smooth sounds of Latin America.



This is one of the very best CDS I have ever bought out of the few hundreds I bought. His music is so unique and never get tired to enjoy amd listen to.
I strongly recommend you this CD or to download it.
Christian Longa
Miami Florida