Cell:     310-245-7639
Email:   hugomigomusic@outlook.com

For comments, bookings, media inquires or general info, please call, email or use the contact form below for Hugo's availability for your next personal or coporate event, as well as bookings for concerts, festivals, fairs, amusement parks, film premiers, clubs, holiday resorts, trade shows, cruise ships, hotels, restaurants and charity events.


Using state of the art audio equipment and utilizing modern technology without the use of any pre-recorded backing tracks, Hugo masterfully combines the novel use of acoustic/electric guitar, keyboard bass foot pedals, rhythm machine, guitarsynthesis, synth sax and flute, and an exceptional voice to create a remarkable, live full-band sound. Perfect for most small venues and places with limited space.

Additional musicians such as another guitarist, vocalist, keyboard player or percussionist can be added to compliment Hugo's solo wizardry.

The HUGOMIGO band brings together vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and percussion to create a unique and exciting sound. With the combination of accomplished musicianship and passionate energy, they bring a party crowd to their feet.