Celebrity comments
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“Really great…Amazing ….…. Drake

“You sound really good” ….. Conan O’Brien

“You’re great. Sounds so good” … … Jimmy Fallon

“Amazing” …… Ellen DeGeneres

“Nice guitar playing” …… Sir Paul McCartney

“Wonderful, wonderful” …… Lionel Richie

“You Sound Great” …… Sheryl Crow

“Sounds Great, Love listening to you” ……. Keith Urban

“I especially love your Brazilian stuff” …… Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

“You’re very, very good” …… Diana Ross

“Always great” …… Jimmy Buffet

“It sounds great! I love it” …. David Hasselhorf “America’s Got Talent Judge”

“You Sound Great” …… Michael Bolton

“Wonderful, wonderful…excellent” …… Paula Abdul “American Idol Judge”

“Fantastic” …… Robbie Williams

“Lovely voice” …… Jermaine Jackson

“Very nice” …… Janet Jackson

“Just great” …… La Toya Jackson

“Wonderful voice” …… Neil Sedaka

“Incredible” …… Warren Beatty

“Bravo” …… Liza Minnelli

“Very enjoyable” …… James Ingram

“Great” …… Richard Gere

“You’re truly gifted” …… Richard Lewis

“You sound great” …… Bruce Willis

“Enjoyed your harmonica playing” …… Rod Stewart

“You’re great” … … Alec Baldwin

”You’re so musical. I love listening to you” … … Chevy Chase

“Good singer” … … Al Pacino

 Client comments
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You're such a joy to watch and listen to. You show vibrancy in every note, swaying, smiling, engaging your entire audience -- you should have seen people move about and comment, "he's good!" The couple behind us made several comments, and of course you recall the couple to our left enjoying you to the hilt, as we do! -Gary Frieden, CA

Thank you for making my 50th birthday such an unforgettable evening.
It would not have been the same without you performing, because the memories would not have been complete without your music.
I will cherish that for the rest of my life. - Nasser,  UK

I want to thank you for playing at our company event.
You did a great job last night. You were fantastic and everyone had good things to say about the music. So, THANK YOU!!!!!
I look forward to having you play at our next company event or any personal events that I may have. - Jennifer, CA

We can't thank you enough for all the wonderful music at our wedding on Saturday. It was so great and everyone had so much fun.
You are a delight to work with and we will definitely come and see you at the Polo Lounge. - Michele and Tony,  CA

Here's something so cool that I want to share with you. When Don and I started going together--almost 4 years ago--he said ya know, we should have "a song". Something that would really say how I feel about you. But........he never could find that one special one. Hence, no song!!! THEN....we met you!!! After coming back from San Diego the weekend that we met you, Don came over to my house and said "Amor is exactly how I feel about you. It's perfect!!!" - Kathie and Don, AZ

You are not only a great performer, but a true gentleman as well. A kind and caring person who is the type I'd like representing me when I have a party. Honestly. I was proud to keep acknowledging you to the audience -- you got some big applause throughout the night!!
Everyone has been raving about you. - Gary and Donna,  CA

I want to thank you again so very much for taking the time to come down and share your talents with us for my cousin's memorial in La Jolla. My aunt, uncle, cousin, and sister (as well as many other relatives and friends) commented spontaneously on how much they enjoyed your performance. I recall overhearing my aunt saying that the program would not have been possible without you. -- 
Personally, I found you very easy to talk to and easy to work with.  
Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon. - David Ross, NV

We've played your song "Amor" for dozens of people and everyone just loves it. In fact, Don plays it over, and over, and over, and over in his Jeep, in his house, in his office (in fact, when people come in to his office for appointments, etc. he tells them they have to listen to "something" and then here comes ...............Amor, you've got me wanting you more and more and more..... Your fans in Arizona, - Kathie and Don,  AZ

Thanks for creating such wonderful music for our wedding celebration! You are so delightful and add real magic to the entire party. All our best, Jillian and Michael, CA

Just a note to again thank you for such a wonderful show at the Carlsbad  Inn Beach resort 2 weeks ago. We couldn't believe how one person could perform like a complete band! Totally amazing !!  You were unbelievable. Thanks for making our stay such a joy. I pray that we will see you again in the future . I will keep your card handy and checkout where you may be playing ,when we come back to San Diego.
A very appreciative and lucky listener - Steve and Ann Knecht       Emporia , KS