1. I'll be here

From the recording SAIL AWAY (JOSE FERNANDES)

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I’ll be here

It’s eight in the evening, you thought you were leaving
For a night on the town again
A good-looking guy, A clear moonlit sky
The setting is perfect but then
Something goes wrong, you’ve never waited so long
You feel the world start crashing on you
But dry your tears and cheer up baby, Cause I’m lonely too

I’ll be here, I’ll be here to comfort you
I’ll be here to help you through, if you need me I’ll be here
I’ll be here, I’ll be here every night
I’ll be here till the morning light, if you need me I’ll be near

It’s five in the morning, A new day is dawning
You realize you’re on your own
Although he held you so tight, you knew deep inside
Come the morning sun he would be gone
But time after time you make the same mistake
When will you learn they’re only using you
Leave your lonely past behind and find someone true